‘Murder hornet’ enters the United States

The Asian giant hornet, also known as Vespa mandarinia, has recently come to the United States. The hornet is recognizable by it's cartoonish scowl, with teardrop black eyes, and 'spiked shark fin' mandibles. I’m convinced that we are living in the apocalypse. The Asian giant hornet, commonly known as the ‘murder hornet’, kills bees by detaching the bee’s body from its head. The hornet has a stinger that is longer and more lethal than the average bee’s. It can also sting multiple times before

Band program hosts award ceremony online

The band performs their full show during a home football game earlier this school year. With the current coronavirus situation, the Pleasant Grove Band’s annual Spring Award Ceremony, which was previously held in the high school PAC, will be live-streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube tonight. Though the ceremony is usually held on school grounds, hosting it online is a good alternative in the current situation. “I believe an online platform will be a great substitute,” band director John “Bas

Local church deals with aftermath of fire, makes changes

On Sunday, March 8, First Baptist Church's parking lot was filled with firetrucks and vehicles helping to put out the fire. Over the weekend, First Baptist Church of Texarkana had an unexpected fire. The blaze occurred on Sunday, March 8, after church services had ended. Even though the fire didn’t occur near the main worship area, Pastor Shreve has stated that Sunday worship will go on in a different location because of damage. “We are going to meet this Sunday and the following for service

Parking Guidelines Change For Students

An image of the student parking lot, filled with cars now that the administration no longer allows students to park in the back lot. As junior Savannah Hoehn walked into soccer practice this morning, she was alerted by a text from her coach. ‘Please move your car from the back lot into the student area,’ it says. Savannah groans, turning right back around to go move her car. Starting this week, students will no longer be able to park in the back lot of the school, near the athletics building.

Boys’ Soccer Gets Unexpected Win Against Sabine

Hawks get first win of the season, gain confidence. Senior Captain Anthony Mejia blocks a Sabine player from getting the ball. Anthony is one of two captains for the varsity team. Against Sabine, he felt that the team's effort improved. "As a team, our communication, ball movement, passing was really good," Anthony said. "We had a lot of pass completions, and overall movement with the ball was great.” Boys’ varsity soccer won 3 to 1 against Sabine on Friday, Jan. 24. The win was great for the